Mongold and Casseday in the Monongahelia National Forest
Mongold & Casseday

Bradley Mongold

2007 Kodiak Brown Bear

2007 Kodiak Brown Bear

Mongold grew up in Woodstock, Virginia, just a few miles from the WV border. He currently lives in Falling Waters, West Virginia in a small apartment above a parsonage. Despite the fact that he makes a good living as an Emergency Physician, he chooses to sleep on a mattress on the floor and covers himself with an old military sleeping bag when he gets cold at night. His furniture repertoire is limited to a kitchen table and two chairs. Living simply allows him to spend his time on what he loves – running and big game hunting.

While he is a respected and feared ultrarunner, he is an even more accomplished bowhunter, having taken sixteen different species of North American big game and four species of South American big game with his bow and arrow. These include an Alaskan brown bear, two of the biggest water buffaloes ever bow-killed in South America, two public land Coues deer, and a mountain lion. He has hunted in over twenty states, three countries, and two continents.

From the posh springtime singletrack of central California, to the remote and ancient volcanoes of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands in the heart of winter, Mongold returns to rural Appalachia for his latest expedition. When asked about his goals for the ALT attempt, he commented: “There’s a lot of bear sign on Peters Mountain, but there’s nary a sign of the trail. I suppose that the Mountain and I have the same goal then – to harbor wildness and transcend the civilized.” —ksv

Adam Casseday

Hammering At MMT

Adam is a 28 year old optometrist, ultrarunner, and race director from Beverly, WV. Casseday is very passionate about his running, his family, and his relationship with God.

As a relative newcomer to the sport of ultrarunning, he made his mark in 2007 with high finishes at the the Uwharrie 40-miler (3rd), Mountain Masochist 50-miler (4th), and a commanding win at the Iron Mountain 50-miler. This year, he placed 3rd at the Holiday Lake 50K++ and shocked the competition with his spectatular debut at the 100-mile distance at Massanutten.

The Allegheny Trail attempt was his brain-child over two years ago and he is very excited to see it come to fruition. No newcomer to multi-day long trail efforts after being one of the inaugural finishers of last year’s Appalachian Crossing, Casseday is excited to challenge himself with yet another epic Appalachian adventure. “I know it will be tough, but anything worthwhile in life requires sacrifices and some level of suffering. It will all be worth it when we reach the AT on Peters Mountain”, says Casseday.

Casseday is the race director of the 50-mile Cheat Mountain Moonshine Madness in West Virginia.

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