Frances Mongold

Crew Chief Frances Mongold

Crew Chief Frances Mongold

Frances lives in Woodstock, Virginia with 11 cats, 18 wildcats, and Grumpy Wayne. She has been a Registered Nurse for over thirty years. She enjoys watching animals (especially bears), roadtrips, listening to Jewel, and pestering Grumpy Wayne. She brings much experience to the role of Crew Chief for this adventure. As Mongold’s mother, she has crewed him through his share of both literal and figurative dirty diapers. She has crewed for great runners like Eric Grossman, Mongold, and was one of the masterminds behind Adam Casseday’s astounding 100-mile debut at Massanutten in 2008. She was also the Crew Chief for Kavara Vaughn’s legendary 2002 Old Dominion — without water bottles.

She has spent the last year diligently preparing for this attempt – pouring over topographic maps, driving hundreds of miles of backroads, and being chased by a pack of wild dogs while trespassing to a bushwack aid station in southern West Virginia. Rest assured that she will be there, on time – even if Casseday and Mongold aren’t.

Kadra Casseday

At Work At MMT

At Work At MMT

Kadra is the newly-wed wife of Adam and an aspiring artist, teacher, and printmaker. Kadra has been introduced to the wild world of ultra running over the past two years. Although not a runner herself, she enjoys being in the outdoors and is “happy” to help her husband in most of his crazy adventures. Kadra will be Frances’ right-hand woman throughout the adventure.


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