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Mongold Breaks Record

Edited at 11:33 p.m. on 9/10/2008

Bradley Mongold finishes the 292.09 mile Allegheny Trail at 7:10 p.m. on 9/1/2008. Bradley began this adventure with Adam Casseday at 5:37 a.m on Thursday, 8/28/2008. Bradley now holds the new record of 4 Days, 13 Hours, 33 Minutes.

Daily Mileage
Day 1: 81 miles
Day 2: 53.8 miles
Day 3: 61.65 miles
Day 4+: 95.64 miles

Noteworthy: Bradley completed 95.64 miles in a 34 hour 57 minute period between 8:13 a.m on 8/31 to 7:10 p.m on 9/1, with no sleep, after having completed 196.45 miles during the first three days.

I received the call from Kavara at 11:13 p.m on 9/1/2008 as Bradley and remaining crew (I think Francis, Gayle and Kavara…I hope I didn’t leave anyone out) were headed to Covington, VA for dinner. Apparently, Bradley is refusing to stop at Subway.

Danny, Lydia and their children Johnathan and Christopher traveled to Covington as well.

Please stay tuned for additional posts and photos.

Congratulations Bradley!



  1. KUDOS to Bradley!!!!!!!!!! What an accomplishment!! And what an adventure for Kavara and Francis. Francis deserves the “Mother of the Decade” award. Also, I was impressed as I followed along on-line at the support of the WVMTR for fellow runners. Good group of folks.

  2. Way to go Mongold…. you are by far the all-around toughest person I know. People will look at what you did and be impressed, but they have no idea what it was like out there on those trails.
    The last three days were full of rugged terrain, bushwhacked trail, and few blazes. Simply finding the trail was as tough or tougher than running the trails at times.

    I wish I could have been out there finishing what we started, even with the 95 mile suffer-fest at the end. It was a very tough decision mentally to not go on from Glady. To clear-up some vagueness for everyone, I didn’t quit because of a turned/twisted ankle. I had been battling tendonitis in my lower shins (both of them) since the middle of Day 2. I knew that I was in trouble on Friday night when I couldn’t lift my toes. Day 3 started out decent for the first mile, but by the end of the 8+ mile trail section (which took me 3.5 hrs) my legs and feet were too swollen and painful to walk; let alone run (hopefully Kavara will post some pictures; they are at least entertaining to see my cankles). Could I have continued hiking after a rest day and adjusting the itinerary? I don’t know. Possibly, but I am a runner, not a hiker, and there was no point in slowing down Mongold at that point. My mind, stomach, and legs were good at the point where I stopped. I simply could not lift my foot to put one in front of the other. The decision was certainly made for me.

    The worst part of the decision was that I felt like I was letting down all of the people that were helping or that were planning to help. I just want everyone to know that I deeply appreciate everyone’s support, well-wishes, and prayers along the way. I will give the ALT another go someday.

    An awesome ending to an epic adventure. Will anyone be able to break 4 days 13 hrs and 33 minutes? Certainly there are people that “can”, but it will take an extreme will, knowledge, and support. A warning to anyone who tries: Be ready for more suffering than you can imagine!

    Way to go Mongold!!!!!!

    — Casseday

  3. Kudos to you both !

    Brad – You are one messed up dude. I think that the spirit of some of all of those animals you have encountered has somehow been transplanted to you. It was great to be able to lend a hand when we could and see you through to where the jeep and trucks should not go.

    Another favorite quote from the week ..

    “That bull was antagonizing us – He looked real cool behind that fence” … Mongold

    Adam – You laced up your shoes for one hell of a challenge that very few should attempt. I look forward to seeing you on the trails again after all of that swelling goes down.

    “Do you have any tea? It would be kind of nice to have some hot tea when sitting in a bath tub full of ice” … Casseday understatement

  4. Great job Mongold. Very impressive record and one that will be hard to beat. The Leesburg mafia was thinking about you and Adam as you ran.

    Adam, I am heart broken that you were unable to finish, but not being able to lift a foot makes for just cause.

    Bradley and Adam – continued success in all your adventures. Keep running strong and see ya on the trails.

  5. You rock! I was happy to get a look at you cruising through Watoga State Park.

  6. Thanks Kavara for capturing some of the spirit of this run through your phone messages.

    Bradley, Adam, and crew (mostly Francis!) did this thing with an unparalled combination of brute force, keen wit, and idiosyncratic style.

    There is only one Bradley — and no one else could have pulled this off in this way. EG

  7. Yo, let’s go for a run tonight!

  8. Grossman is right. There most certainly is only one Bradley. Next time I do a run with him I’m going to make sure that we are teathered together with a rope. It’s just unfair how he can fly up those uphills; him dragging me at least the first two days would have made more sense.

    — Casseday

  9. Way to go! Thanks for showing us what is possible when everything is on the line! You guys are incredible! ~Juli

  10. Mongold, I must admit that it was a real honor to join you for the 35 miles we completed together. Yeah, I may have gone along with you and “helped” you out, but you only got the cake, I got the icing. I know all of the scenery was cool and all (blah blah blah), but my favorite part was getting the opportunity to spend these miles and 13 hours running with one of my best friends on God’s green Earth, and boy did we (mostly you) cover it! I’ve known you now for about 24 or 25 years (2nd grade, not high school), and this is my number 1 adventure with you. They are few and far between these days, so I had to make that 500-and-some-odd mile journey to see this epic event unfold (a big thanks to my support crew, Lydia, Johnathan-2yrs, and Christopher-6mons).

    Also, I got to break some records of my own, even though this pales in comparison but records for me none-the-less (read no further if you aint interested):

    40 miles in two days (I’m not an ultra-er).
    28 miles in one day (again not an ultra-er).
    Out of 65 possible hours, Lydia and I slept 4 (Sat morning thru Monday evening).

    Numbers don’t add up you say – I ran ahead an additional 2.5 miles to see how much farther we had to the end and as a complimentary treat for those that finish the ALT, you gotta run, hike, hobble, or all of the above an additional 2.5miles on the AT to get to a vehicle. After experiencing 35miles of the ALT myself, I wouldn’t expect anything less, but in my book, I still count those 2.5miles, ALT or not!

    Love ya bro,
    P.S. What’s next? -Pause for effect- BRING IT!

  11. Congrats on your record Bradley. That is a hell of an accomplishment you achieved. Take it easy and good luck in the future.
    Rob Stuart (a.k.a. little Stuart)

  12. Bradley,

    I praise God for you! You keep expanding the limits of what we percieve as our human limitations.

    You keep proving, how far beyond our deepest imaginations, a committed human being can go.

    You are amazing!

    and, just in time for bow season.

    Craig Burns
    Vienna, VA

  13. Congratulations, to the both of you.
    You know there’s another long trail out there thats starts with an “A” with a record achin’ for a breakin’. 🙂

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