Posted by: alleghenytrailrun | September 1, 2008

Day 5: 9/1/2008. 0706. Conversation with Kavara.

This is the last of the continued phone update from Kavara in White Sulphur Springs. At this point we are a little less than an hour and half into the start of Day 5 even though Bradley has not had sleep and has been on the move since yesterday between 7:00 a.m (wake time) and 8:13 a.m. (start time).

“It is 7:06 a.m. on 9/1/2008, mile 261.77 outside of White Sulphur Springs. Bradley came running up the hill toward us at this aid station with Bill behind him. He had a low spot on this section. His left shin was looking bad and he was sleepy on this stretch. Of note, he has not slept since 7:00 a.m. yesterday and has been running the entire time. He has covered about 70 miles since then. Bill says, “he must be solar powered because he perked up when the sun rose.

He remains alert and is thinking well. He struggled up a bank to give Bill and Dan a hug before leaving the aid station, telling them he could not have done it without them. Bill is headed home to his daughter’s 16th birthday party, noting that, “I can’t miss my daughters 16th birthday party to go chasing Mongold through the woods all day.”

Danny Stuart will run this next section with Bradley.

We did have an adventure getting to this aid station. Francis has been nervous about this part for a while because when she scouted it out weeks ago, she had to cross private land, go 1/2 mile through a field with waist high grass, and she got chased by hounds. When we came to this spot at 5:00 a.m. we went to turn around in the driveway of the man who owns the land. The house was dark. Within seconds I saw a flashlight shining from the front door. Atsy Grahamn emerged with his little black mutt dog. Atsy is an older fellow (in his 60’s) with a long gray beard. He was dressed in work clothes…he had on one of those pocket shirts with his name embroidered on the chest. He told us to park in his yard and informed us he just brush-hogged the field we were about to walk through. Joking, Dan [Lehmann] asked if he was up waiting for us? He must not have gotten the joke because he answered very seriously, “Nope, I didn’t even know you all was comin. I have a whole field of tomaters and green peppers to pick so I best get started early.”

Atsy proceeded to tell us about rattlesnakes and how “in 1957 they killed 28 rattlesnakes and 32 copperheads up here”.

We are headed into White Sulphur Springs for breakfast and to call in updates, and buy more 6″ subs. Bradley requested sausage gravy and biscuits from Hardies.

The crew through the night has been Francis, Kavara, Gayle, Dan Lehmann and Danny and Lydia. Bill Young has been running. Everyone else was with us until 11:00 p.m and will meet up with us again soon. Gayle has been the official photographer for the last 2 days.” kv

Kavara is expecting to meet up again with Paul, Adam, Kadra, Corey and Chrissy, and Dan Lehmann’s daughter Laura.

The guidebook states the trail is 292.09 miles long. Kavara does not anticipate Bradley sleeping before Peters Mountain. She thinks Bradley will finish late afternoon to early evening. jlb



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