Posted by: alleghenytrailrun | August 31, 2008

Day 4: 8/31/2008. 1633. Phone message from Kavara.

I received 3 phone messages from Kavara while at the skatepark in Findlay, PA. Kavara and crew has had a difficult time getting phone service. So the last 6 messages I received came from the only pay phone in the state of West Virginia; Marlinton I think. But, this was by far the most amazing series of phone messages yet.

The first message has a time stamp of 4:33 p.m.

“Hi J.L. At 3:10 p.m. the mileage is 219.79…”
A very loud scrrreeeatch of tires and a very loud CRASH!
“AHH F@#%(*$ SH#T! oh, sorry J.L. I didn’t mean to cuss like that. I’ll call you back.”

The second message came in 7 minutes later at 4:40 p.m.

“Hi J.L. There was just a wreck, but the people are OK. At 3:10 p.m., mile 219.79 outside of Marlinton. Bradley just left us for a 10 mile trail section. Corey LeBrasseur and significant other Chrissy Paulson (both WVMTR) just showed up. Cory and Paul will join Bradley on the 10 mile trail section.

Bradley has been existing mostly on malto, Gatorade and Shot Bloks since the start, but he is getting a bit tired of sweet food and ate a 6″ seafood and crab sub from Subway at the last aid station. He is tired, but remains upbeat, positive, highly motivated and cleaver as always. He needs zero help getting out of the aid stations. He gets his stuff done in a serious manner and moves out, always making some sort of joke or, “throwing me a bone”, for the blog.

I am not sure how much is being said on the trails, as I have heard Bradley tell those running with him not to talk to him much. It helps him to have a fellow runner just tuck in behind him on the trails. He insists on leading and setting the pace. There are other sections he prefers to be on his own. Today is a good day for support. He has had someone with him 50% of his running time today. He is very aware of how lucky he is to have so many people out there. In an aid station this morning 5 support vehicles pulled up in line. He commented on how awesome it was to see that. The number of people willing to come out here even just to run behind him in silence is a testament to his character.

The terrain over the last 2 days has been primarily slow, rocky trails and it will remain so until the end. When the fog rolls in at night….”

At this point I hear sirens drowning out Kavara’s voice. I assume the ambulance is taking away the vehicular accident victims.

The third message came in 3 minutes later at 4:43 p.m. After Kavara apologizes, she continues.

“When the fog rolls in at night, this makes quick movement in these mountains even more difficult.

Bradley mentioned when I was running with him last night that he was considering going even further than just past Cass. I asked him where he wanted to go and he said, “to Peters Mountain, where else is there?”

We are in for a night! He looked at me this morning and said, “You better get some caffeine pills, I’m going to make you guys hurt.” kv

At the end of the post, Kavara made some general comments. She stated that, “Bradley is running well! He comes into every aid station running at a decent pace.”



  1. I talked with Kavara’s mom this morning, (Monday, Day 5) and Bradley continues to do well… he did not stop last night, just ran on through. At 8:30 he had only 30 miles to go!! His legs were a bit sore but, anyone who knows Bradley, his eyes are on the prize!! He has been very impressed with the outpouring support from friends and family… the last 2.5 days he has not run alone. Let’s all say a big cheer to get him through.

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