Posted by: alleghenytrailrun | August 30, 2008

Day 3: 8/30/2008. 1522. Conversation with Kavara.

Kavara called from the Whistle Stop Gift Shop in Durbin, West Virginia. She told me that she walked into the shop and asked the owner if there was a pay phone. “No, but you can use mine.” Thanks Ms. Gerry Mosier of the Whistle Stop! Gerry features 11 local artisans from West Virginia; Blenko Glass, Whitegrass Cookbooks and Allegheny Treenware to name a few. I would have supplied you with a link to Gerry’s store, but she does not have a web site. So, if you are in Durbin, stop by and tell her thanks for supporting ultra-runners!

I got to speak briefly with Adam. He is very disappointed about dropping out of the run. Everything on his body feels good except his swollen ankles, feet and toes. He is having difficulty with the tendons that lift the toes. “You would get a kick out of seeing my feet”, said Adam.

“It was 2:20 p.m at mile 162.34 outside of Durbin. Bradley just came off the 12.79 mile trail section. The guide book notes this section crosses over 15 peaks. He was running hard coming into our crew station and looked like he was feeling good. We don’t ever ask him how he is feeling and he doesn’t offer that information. It is not the Bradley Mongold style to talk about such things. While we waited, Paul Davis surprised us by barreling into the station in his big silver Pathfinder. He brought Bradley some sweet tea in honor of Dave “Sniper” Snipes, and some Panera bagels. [Bradley] left us with three bottles (1 water, 1 maltodextrin and 1 Gatorade/maltodextrin mix) and [Cliff] Bloks for a 10 mile trail section. We will meet him on Main Street in Durbin where Paul will join him for an 18.9 mile unaided trail section that ends in Cass.” kv

Kavara also told me that the weather is warm, humid and overcast. jlb



  1. Please tell Kavara I am on my way, and to let me know if any meeting place has changed or if she needs anything. Thanks!
    Her mom

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