Posted by: alleghenytrailrun | August 29, 2008

Day 2: 8/29/2008. 2249. Email update from Kavara.

“7:50 p.m. 134.8 miles Route 33 at Evenwood outside Elkins, WV

The boys finished today in the daylight and right on schedule. Gone are the days of continuous aid along the road. They primarily ran on “gnarly” single track today, receiving aid between segments. Adam’s gi issues resolved relatively quickly and they were both able to fuel well throughout the day. They had a few low spots, but there was never a doubt they would stay on schedule. They pushed together and finished a solid 54 miles. They also had a boost from two new running partners. Gene Lewis joined them at mile 100.7 and ran with them to mile 117.5. John McGrath also joined them for a stretch in there. They are determined to get this done . . . Bradley just closed his bedroom door for the night and his parting words were, “We’re going to Cass.”

We had a hot meal and beds awaiting us again tonight thanks to Adam’s parents. They prepared lasagna, garlic bed, and salad for us. Bradley was ready to consume a plate of food in front of him until he stuck his feet in an ice bath and vasovagaled * himself and sat with his head on the table, fighting the urge to vomit for 15 minutes. He felt better after his shower and was able to eat his entire meal. Adam followed suit and vasovagaled himself too. Smart boys. Maybe they won’t do that tomorrow night. They both hit the sack at 10:15 tonight and the alarm will sound at 4:00 a.m. to signal the beginning of day 3 of the assault.

Thanks to Jody Logar for coming by this morning to see Adam and Bradley along the course. They will be joined by some more friends tomorrow, including Paul Davis. I am not certain who else is coming tomorrow, but I will let you know when they arrive 🙂 . Sorry for the lack of updates today . . . there was literally zero cell service the entire day after the post this morning. Thanks again for following . . . please keep the encouragement rolling.” kv


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