Posted by: alleghenytrailrun | August 27, 2008

Day 0: 8/27/2008. 1656.

yo Mountain People here ya update, last you’ll hear from me in a loooong time…

right now we’re headed west on I-68 to meet up with Adam and Kadra at the Hazelton Microtel.
Casseday is chillin’ at the grandparents’ house this afternoon.

the rig is gassed up, i even swept out the back this morning — couldn’t get the tailgate back on so i had to file on it a bit. hopefully she’ll run for longer than we can.

Grumpy Wayne has been administered last minute cat-handling instructions.

Frances is fired-up. she and Grumpy Wayne did a pre-run of the Day 1 crew stops 3 days ago and she’s noting some “issues”. she just asked me for the 67th time if i want to again review the last 21 miles of Day 1. i’m predicting that her preparedness will save our butts more than once on this jaunt.

one more thing. before we even start, i want to give a big thanks to the man behind the computer — J.L. “Buckshot” Brown. he’s too modest to introduce himself, but if it weren’t for him these Live Updates could not occur. you’ll see that he runs a computer just like he shoots deer — take cover Beasts and Peoples.

bring on the comments! the crew will pass them along to us to buoey our spirits in the dark times we’ll surely face. thanks again to everyone who’s called and e-mailed the good voodoo — we will make you proud.

Until Peters Mountain,



  1. Fly low and fast … See you in 24 hours …

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